Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Adventures of Microwave Mitt Monsters: A Creatures of Etsy Feature

The Continued Adventures of the Microwave Mitt Monsters

Dear Roy,

RoadToGrinnell has so many cute cards, and tags, and gift bags, and oh, I wanted to take some home with me. And she has headbands. You know, I heard MTIS talking about those headbands. She has one and thinks it's the best headband she's ever had! I don't know why human girls like headbands so much. I'm a girl and I don't wear headbands. Oh well...humans are strange, IMO.

Mike was thoroughly bored. He wandered off after a while; I'm not sure what he did. But I had so much fun last night, I am going to go out again, if I can get Mike to go with me!

Your sister,


Dear Roy,

Yup, it was just like I thought it would be. Quite boring. Why do girls want to send cards to everyone? Guess they must like getting mail or something like that.

I decided to do an Etsy search for chainmaille. You are going to have to check this out, bro, it's so cool! Maybe you can convince your human to buy a keychain made out of this totally cool stuff. See?

I think I might go look for more interesting stuff on Etsy tomorrow night. Seems Wayve wants to go, so I might as well take her!

Your brother,

Dear Mike and Wayve,

Glad you had fun last night! I may have to join you sometime! Maybe we can meet in the chatroom or the forums and go browsing from there?

It's been a lot easier to keep in touch than I thought it'd be. Etsy has a lot of ways to contact each other. We'll never lose contact!

Well, I hate to run, but I hear my human coming home from work. I'll talk to you some other time!


Coming up next time: a read-aloud fairy tale for children.


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