Monday, August 24, 2009

The Blessings Guild: The Beginning

Part Three:

"You don't really need everyone here for this, do you?" Jamie's brother Jeremy asked as he opened the car door next to Jamie.

Jamie whispered back to him, "This is the first drop-off; everyone needs to know how to do it so we are more effective later!"

Jeremy rolled his eyes. "You kids think this is so fun, sneaking around, don't you?"

Jamie grinned. "Yup!"

All the girls gathered around Jamie. "No wheelchair?" Emmaline asked.

"Nope, I don't need it." With a dramatic pause, Jamie announced, "Jeremy can carry me."

"We do this all the time when Jamie's wheelchair can't fit through tight places," Jeremy explained. "I'll carry her, and you kids carry the baskets."

Jamie handed out the baskets from Jeremy's car. Emmaline was assigned one, as was Leelee. The girls without baskets stayed at the edge of the property. Jamie was ready to make them take notes on the proceedings for next time, but her mom said it wasn't necessary. No one but Jamie was disappointed at that!

Closer and closer the girls, Jeremy, and Leelee's guide dog crept to the house. One by one, each girl dropped her basket by the door. Then, Jamie reached out for the doorbell.


"Scatter!" Jamie whispered excitedly.

By the time the Hansens opened the door, Jamie was in the car, seatbelt on, and Jeremy was starting the engine. The other girls in the other cars were already down the street.

Later, after the other girls had gone home, Emmaline was saying her goodbyes to Jamie.

"I had a great time tonight. I can't wait to do it again."

"Glad you did," Jamie replied with a smile. She followed Em to the door. "See, this old thing didn't stop me at all." She tapped her wheelchair. "God can use everyone in some way."

Emmaline smiled. "Yes, He can."



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